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Albert Einstein Short Biography | Famous Scientist

Short Biography on Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein could be called the genius and the greatest scientist of the 20th century.

On 14th March 1879, he was born to Jew parents, in Ulm, Germany. His childhood was spent in Munich and later in Milan, Italy. His uncle was responsible for his interest in mathematics and physics. Einstein liked music and was adept at playing the violin. He completed his graduation from the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich in 1900.

Later he worked at the patent office in Bern and he took Swiss citizenship. While working in this job, he wrote some scientific papers and sent them to the University. In 1905 he earned a doctorate degree from the University of Zurich. Before that he got married to Mileva Maric in 1903.

His scientific papers were based on different theories of physics. In one, he explained the Theory of Relativity, showing the equation of mass and energy.

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He stated the formula of E = mc2 Another paper was on the photoelectric effect. He explained the theory of quanta or photons of light. One paper was on the Brownian movement, about the motion of the atoms.

His work was appreciated by the scientists. He was offered the professor’s post at the University of Zurich. But in 1910 he returned to Germany as a professor at the German University, Prague. Then in 1914, he was made the director of Theoretical Physics of Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, Berlin.

He received the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1921 for his work on the photoelectric effect. With the Nazis coming to power in Germany, living in that country became troublesome for him, as he was a Jew. He took up the post of professor at Princeton University, the USA in 1933 and he continued in the same place till his death.

Einstein was a simple person with hardly any materialistic desires. He was peace-loving and totally against the war. But in 1939, he was one of the scientists who wrote to President Roosevelt to alert him about the possibility of an atomic attack from Germany. Later Einstein was dismayed on learning the destruction caused by his physics theories. After the war, he continued working for world peace and international disarmament. He was a strong supporter of Zionism.

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He has written many important books like Builder of the Universe, Why war? The spread of general theory, About Zionism, The world as I see, etc.

This great scientist died on 18th April 1955 at Princeton, USA.


Q1. When was Albert Einstein born?
Ans. On 14 March 1879.

Q2. Where was Albert Einstein born?
Ans. in Ulm, Germany.

Q3. When and where did he die?
Ans. 18 April 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

Q4. Who were his parents?
Ans. His father was Hermann Einstein and his mother was Pauline Einstein



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