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Coinbase is going to Hiring Freeze Shatters | Coinbase Career

Coinbase is going to Hiring Freeze Shatters for Crypto Holders Hopefuls’ Career Plans

Coinbase Career

Coinbase Career:-Coinbase announcing a freeze on hiring about the “foreseeable future.” In a blog post. L.J Brock, Coinbase’s Chief People Officer, mentioned that the company “did not make this decision lightly,” but because it is the appropriate one given market conditions. The overall number of withdrawn offers was not revealed by Coinbase. However, on the first day of its opening, the proper recruitment portal for affected prospects had over 330 people join up.

A graduate from the University of Michigan named Conner Hein 22 years of age said, “I got laid off even before I got a chance to prove myself,”. Hein, an identity “hesitant” crypto supporter who sees promise in the technology but is suspicious of its get-rich-quick scams, said he’d now “think twice” about working for a company that deals with blockchain or cryptocurrency. According to him, Coinbase management failed to plan the runway properly and made promises it couldn’t keep.

Expansion into India

A hiring freeze could threaten Coinbase’s growth, particularly in terms of international expansion.
Chief Executive Officer Brian Armstrong said in April that the company’s technological hub in India would be tripled in size by the end of the year, bringing the total number of employees to nearly 1,000.

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