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Cyclone Fani – Best Odia Essay

In this post, we have provided the best Essay on Cyclone Fani in the Odia language. This post is basically based on Odia essay Cyclone Fani, natural calamities.

Cyclone Fani

Cyclone Fani Odia Essay

Clone Fani

Judging by the geographical location of Odisha, it seems that it is a flood-prone area for floods, storms, and droughts. All of these natural disasters continue to haunt Odisha. Of the disasters, Odisha has been hit hardest. After the hurricanes of 18, 182, 18, 182, 183, and 14, the phonies or phonies composed by the great hurricane Leela this year became the most feared and unimaginable damage.

Although Failin, Hudhud, and Butterfly have suffered greatly in the past 20 years, Pani has now broken people’s backs. On Friday, May 3, 2016, the Fani attack on Odisha’s coastal state of Odisha was a major threat to the monsoon, as was the monsoon that struck the coastal state of Odisha on Friday, October 14. The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued.

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