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Environmental protection- Best Odia Essay

Environmental protection (Paribesa Surakhya):

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Environmental protection

The air that surrounds us, the nature around us, the trees, the riverbanks, our environment. These are a combination of water, air, land, and vegetation. All of this is getting polluted today. The environment is getting polluted. Dirt, rubbish all around. This wasteful situation poses a threat to life. Human life is ruined.

The human companion tree. We are cutting down trees unnecessarily to meet the needs of industrialization, urbanization, population growth. Destroying the forest. The plant absorbs carbon dioxide and provides oxygen. This process will stop if there are no trees. And the water level will drop to the bottom of the earth. There will be a drought. The number of animals on Earth will decrease. Deforestation is a major cause of environmental pollution.

Environmental protection: Smoke, odors, vapors, and dust pollute the air. Smoke from home-burning stoves, smoke from London, cigarette smoke, smoke from various petrol and diesel vehicles, and chimney fumes from factories are mixed into the atmosphere. These are carbon dioxide and carbon. The smell of various toxic gases, chemical gases, waste odors, fumes, etc. is the cause of air pollution. These weaken the heart and lungs.

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Toilets along the banks of ponds and ponds, such as washing cattle, washing clothes, and defecating, pollute the surrounding water. The factory’s waste is dumped into a large river. The body was dumped in the city’s sewage system. The use of this type of water can lead to financial fevers, indigestion, cholera, and other diseases. We use a variety of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that contaminate the soil. Many beneficial bacteria from the soil destroy bacteria. The forest is washed away due to deforestation. The noise of factory noise, the noise of vehicles, the roar of loudspeakers are polluted. It causes heart disease, diabetes.

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