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Farmers | Best Odia Essay

In this post, we have provided the best Essay on “Farmers” in the Odia language. This post is basically based on Farming Odisha, Indian farmer, organic farming essay, essay on Kisan, Mo Krushak


Farmers Odia Essay


Our state of Odisha is an agricultural state. Therefore, farmers are the backbone of the state, on which the overall development of the whole of Odisha depends.

Farmers in our state always follow the ancient agricultural tradition. Her ignorance and misery are responsible for this. Farmers are engaged in farming with two oxen and a plow made of wood. In ancient times, there was no irrigation facility or the use of improved fertilizers. After all, natural disasters were breaking farmers’ backs. The peasants were also persecuted and oppressed by the oppression of the rich moneylenders.

Now the condition of the peasants of Odisha is considerably better than the condition of the peasants of ancient times. The “green revolution” in agriculture has taken away farmers’ ignorance. Farmers are becoming more and more aware of the use of science-based farming practices and the use of improved fertilizers.

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In addition, the use of pesticides in agriculture, irrigation of land, collecting better seeds, following the agricultural information provided through television, and making good use of government assistance are no longer unknown to the farmers of Odisha. He has also been active in assisting agricultural cooperatives, rural banks, etc., and in consulting agricultural extension officers. The government is encouraging agriculture and farmers by providing improved fertilizers, seeds, etc. through the block and purchasing goods produced at a fair price at harvest time.

Despite all this, many of them in Odisha are still living in misery. Their financial situation is still not clear. Every year, natural disasters such as floods, storms, and droughts cause severe damage to farmers. Of course, the government’s efforts to address this issue continue.

After all, farmers in Odisha are not able to improve their living conditions due to a lack of education. So farmers have to be educated first. It should be noted that the smiles on the faces of the farmers will be reflected in the emerging trends in the fortunes of Odisha.

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Farmers Portal Of Gov. Of India

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