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Do you know, what is the fees of Kapil Sharma for his show? | Charges of Kapil Sharma

Do you know, what is the fees of Kapil Sharma for his show?

Kapil Sharma fees for The Kapil Sharma Show:

Kapil Sharma is now on a vacation, and his followers are eagerly awaiting his comeback.

Comedian Kapil Sharma’s third season of The Kapil Sharma Show is over and during this, he has gone on a foreign tour with his entire team. On the other hand, if we talk about his return, then this show will return after about 3 months. As you know this show airs 2 days a week on Saturday and Sunday and many superstars take part in it. Stars from all walks of life have been a part of this show so far. But do you know how much fees Kapil Sharma and his entire team have charged for The Kapil Sharma Show 3 . Let’s know the fee of the special star.

Kapil Sharma is one of the most expensive comedians.  The third season of “The Kapil Sharma Show” raised a huge sum of Rs 40 crores for 80 episodes of this comedy show. The event has increased by Rs 20 lakh. According to the claim, he received Rs 50 lakh for each episode. The comedian was the highest-paid celebrity on television, charging Rs 1 crore per week.

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Fees of other actors

Sapna in the show is played by Krishna Abhishek, who costs between Rs 10 and Rs 12 lakhs every episode. Additionally, Chandu, who appears in the program wearing Chandu’s outfit, costs Rs 7 lakh for each episode. Every episode of Kiku Sharda cost Rs. 5 lakh, or Rs. 10 lakh for two days.

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