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Forest conservation | Best Odia Essay

In this post, we have provided the Best Essay on Forest conservation in Odia language. This post is basically based on Odia essay Forest conservation, tree planting.

Forest conservation

Forest conservation Odia Essay

Tree Planting Essay

Surrounded by forests, India is a unique destination for year-round natural beauty. Forests, hills, streams, rivers, rivers, and cedars – these are all great gifts from God. No one can ever imagine how, when, how, by whom all this was created. Yet everyone openly accepts God as their Creator, and that is justified. Of all the great gifts God has given to human society, forest resources are the best. Various tree vines, animals, and flowers in the forest are benefiting us immensely. But now we can see that our forest resources are declining rapidly; So forest-conservation has become solitary essential.

Planting is one of the most important forest-conservation initiatives. “It simply came to our notice then. Even cut down the good trees in your garden. This has a huge impact on our environment.

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Trees contribute a lot to keeping the environment clean. Having trees helps control the climate. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and fill it with pure oxygen. Trees have many medicinal properties and many other needs. So we have to be careful about planting trees with our forest resources conservation.

Now it seems that our population is growing. Cities and industries are developing. In addition, forest resources are declining. The devastating effects of deforestation on our environment and our way of life can be devastating. So we all need to be vigilant and pay attention to forest-conservation and take care of tree planting.

The timber mafia is playing a key role in deforestation. They are cutting down valuable and old trees. In that sense, it is possible the government was not aware of this. In many cases, government officials have been using bribes to defraud the timber mafia. They need to be reformed and punished. ” Extensive tree planting programs also need to be implemented at the government level. Above all, we have a big challenge for forest-conservation and tree planting time.

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