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Katrina Vicky Death Threat case takes a new turn | Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif received a death threat from a man.

Katrina Kaif's threat case takes a new turn, according to the lawyer - Manvinder and Katrina Kaif's sister had been friends for three years.

Katrina Vicky death threat:

The Mumbai Police quickly detained the person who made the murderous threats against Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal. Manvinder was the name of the alleged offender, who was also reportedly a Katrina Kaif lover and a failing actress. Sandeep Sharekhane, the accused Manvinder Singh’s lawyer, now asserts that his client neither threatened Vicky nor threatened Katrina Kaif. While the police remand document claims that accused Manvinder Singh had sent a message to Vicky Kaushal to keep him at gunpoint and the date of his RIP, or Rest in Peace, is definitive, he has claimed that all of the accusations made against him are untrue.

Katrina and her family had known her for three years, the lawyer said:

“Katrina Kaif and her family have known my client for three years,” the lawyer claimed. Since 2019, Manvinder has been communicating with Katrina Kaif and her family via social media and phone. He also frequently spoke with his sister Ayesha Kaif. Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif deleted a significant number of comments from Instagram that implicated my client.

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My client is a struggling actor, he said:

Additionally, he defended Manvinder by adding, “My client is a struggling actor, and since they are in the same business, they are acquainted.”

In custody for 2 days:

The police claimed in court that they needed to examine the Instagram ID to look into the threat, so the judge granted detention for two days.

Rest in Peace is referred to as RIP in the Final Message:

Meanwhile, it was revealed in the police remand copy that the suspect Manvinder Singh had sent a message ordering Vicky Kaushal to be held at gunpoint and that the day of his RIP, or Rest in Peace, is set in stone. Vicky Kaushal had received a message from the accused threatening his death.

Vicky Kaushal had reported to the police department in Santacruz:

Please let it be known that Vicky Kaushal reported receiving death threats for both himself and his wife Katrina Kaif to the Santacruz police station in a complaint against unidentified persons. The Santa Cruz police had filed a case under sections 506 (2) and 354 (d) of the IPC in response to Vicky Kaushal’s allegation.



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