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My School | Odia Essay Best explains

In this post, we have provided the Best Essay on My School in the Odia language. This post is basically based on Odia essay my school day.

My School (Amo Vidhyalay):

My School Odia Essay
My School 2

My School Day’s

The name of our school is Baleshwar Zilla High School. It is located in the heart of Baleshwar. It is a huge school and has gained a reputation all over Odisha. It has about 2,000 students and about 50 teachers and other staff. Even though so many students are studying here, the school discipline attracts everyone’s attention.

Education system: Excellent teachers in our school teach with reverence and dedication and pay special attention to maintaining discipline. The lesson plan for the year is completed in a timely manner and appropriate attention is paid to whether the children are preparing the lessons given to them properly. The headteacher oversees the teacher to ensure that the textbook is being delivered properly and that more attention is paid to undergraduate students. Coming to school on time, attending prayers, showing due respect to teachers – all of these are closely monitored by the headteacher.

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School Day: Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja, Gurudeva, Independence Day, Utkal Day, Sports Competition, Argument Competition, etc. are held in our school. All of these festivities are a source of great excitement in the lives of students. They indirectly teach devotion to gods and gurus, affection to friends, and gentleness to newcomers. The NCC provides services, discipline, and well-being to students who attend. Needless to say, there are a lot of things to be learned outside of the textbooks that students are learning. At the annual awards ceremony, students are rewarded with certificates of merit and talent and encouraged to move forward in life.

School Results: It is normal for everyone to have rice on school results. “It simply came to our notice then. Most students graduate in the first grade, and two-thirds of them are in the top 10 each year. Many students at our school are well-known in many areas of life. Many of them are employed by the Indian Administrative Service, many doctors, many engineers, and officials of many large business establishments. They are proud to be students of Baleshwar Zilla High School.

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