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National Unity | Download Image Best Odia Essay

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National unity

National Unity Odia Essay

National unity

Our homeland is the backdrop of the Aryan culture of India. Its history is as rich and ancient as it is rich. Throughout the ages, it has demonstrated its uniqueness to people of all races, religions, languages ​​, and communities. Although people of different religions, including Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians, live here, Bharat Janani is very dear and very special to everyone. The unifying bond that holds them all together and safeguards the integrity of India’s sovereignty is national unity.

Various religions live in India. On the eve of his departure from the country, the British sowed sectarian strife and created Pakistan. So even though Hindu-Muslim brothers and sisters lived like brothers and sisters, from a religious point of view, riots broke out between the two communities and national unity was being destroyed. Our national unity is also in jeopardy due to differences in language.

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