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Online fraud | Misuse of Social Media | Tips to be Safe

'Are you in this video?' Clicking on this link in Facebook Messenger didn't work!

Social media hacking has been made easier for criminals.

“Do you appear in this video?”  Your Facebook account may be hacked by any such message you get on Facebook Messenger from a friend or colleague. This is true. Cybercriminals have found a fresh method to hack Facebook accounts. Such messages are being received widely. You didn’t click the link in this case; everything was done for you. The message will come from your friend’s account, which is a concern. Indicating that the accounts of both you and your friend have been compromised. It is essential to take care of a few things regardless of what is in this movie or whether there is a means to escape.

The misuse of social media

Open your eyes and ears if a post appears on your social media timeline or feed that isn’t yours but features a photo of you holding a glass of wine while standing in the center of it. Whether you are the author or not is frequently stated on such a post. As is the case with incoming communications these days, links or URLs are also utilized in place of postings.

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What is the big challenge of photo editing now? Someone who copied your image. You will likely fall victim to phishing if, in addition to the post, seductive or inverted messages start showing up in your direct messages (DM). In the online world, hacking is the phrase most frequently used to describe fraud. There are other alternatives as well, so this is not the only option. It may also entail using malware to penetrate your laptop’s or smartphone’s security system, similar to hacking. Theft from a different company’s server is another way to lose your personal information.

Simply told, there are fifty different ways for hackers to access your social media accounts or bank accounts. Cybercrime is the technique currently in use. Suppose you were to accuse someone of stealing their identity and utilizing it for your own benefit.

What is this identity theft?

Any of the existing techniques can be used by hackers to access your account. Now that they don’t have access to your laptop, smartphone, or social media, they will receive your whole horoscope. Then, he is free to use your phone whatever he wants to send or email messages. A criminal has now found your identity. This is called identity theft. Imagine receiving a link from a friend or colleague after doing everything correctly. However, bear in mind that no one clicks on such a link, and all of your links should go to the online criminals.

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How to avoid hacking?

One word: be careful. Keep it that way, please. Be aware of your ears and eyes. If you come upon such a link, call your friend immediately. The truth will be revealed. If you indicate two-factor authentication is enabled, your password should be strong and every app should support it. One thing needs special attention. There is a serious issue if the link doesn’t begin with HTTPS. Do not worry if the account gets hacked even after performing all of this. There is a support line available for every social media app. You can also take the help of cyber police.

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