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Rakshabandhan Odia Essay

Rakshabandhan Essay

Thirteen festivals are celebrated in 12 months in Odisha. Oriyas especially observe the festival as they are very popular. The festivals celebrated in Odisha are religious, legendary, national, and other regional and emotional. The festival is celebrated with great joy and excitement on the occasion of the full moon.

The main purpose of Raksha Bandhan is to celebrate: It creates a close bond of unity and cooperation within society. It fills your life with joy and activity. From that point of view, the Rakshabandhan festival has a strong spiritual purpose. Examining the origins of the festival reveals that it is a world-class festival. It is celebrated as a sacred festival of affection. During the festivities, the sisters wore sandalwood on their brother’s foreheads and tied guards around their necks. Lovely feeds sweets, laddu, and khaja.

Features of Raksha Bandhan: Bandhan is not an attractive word, but Rakshabandhan is especially popular. On this day, a brother is tied to the sacred bond of his sister’s guardian. Although he is away from home, he looks at his sister’s bodyguard like a hawk. The sister-in-law seeks protection from her brother. Rakshi is considered to be a protective shield or shield.

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According to mythology and history, the sister-in-law, Yamuna, escaped with the help of Yam. The princess sent a guard to the Mughal emperor Humayun seeking his help. On this day, the sacred bond is a symbol of guardian love, affection, and holiness.

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