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Why are the wealthy people leaving India?

Why are the rich running away from India?

According to a report by Henley & Partners, due to strict tax laws in India and the desire to get a powerful passport, these rich people of the country will move abroad from India.

More than 8,000 high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) will leave India and move overseas this year. This was disclosed in a study by Henley & Partners, a business that assists the world’s wealthy in obtaining an international visa. According to this report, due to strict laws regarding taxes in India and the desire to get a powerful passport, the nobles of the country will move abroad from India. According to the survey, many of these young entrepreneurs believe that leaving India is the right path for them to take their businesses global. However, the survey also indicated that the number of the wealthy in India will grow rapidly over the next ten years, with the number of dollar millionaires and billionaires increasing by 80% in the next ten years.

In India, what is the definition of HNIs?

Before we go any further, let us understand HNI or Dollar Millionaires. HNIs in India are those with at least Rs 5 crore in investment, i.e., those whose money is invested in the stock market, bonds, etc., and whose total amount in Demat or bank account exceeds Rs 5 crore. more than 7 cr in certain scenarios. This money does not include the home, car, and so on. For example, if someone owns a car, a bungalow, and a farmhouse worth 10 crores but has less than 5 crores to invest, he will not be considered an HNI.

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Millionaire Indians are leaving the country for these reasons.

Now let us understand why the rich of India is intent on leaving the country. Although the spirit of old industrialists remains intact in the country, a new generation of tech entrepreneurs is also seen stepping in with them. This army of rich tech entrepreneurs seems to be excited about expanding their businesses to other countries and want to invest their capital in countries that pay the least tax. Apart from this, these new nobles of the country want to settle in a country where the standard of living is high. Not only should these countries be good in terms of living, but there should also be education for children and good health facilities. Bijal Ajinki, a partner at Khaitan & Co, says that due to tightening tax laws in India, tax exemptions for the rich, and the desire for visa-free travel, a large number of rich are leaving India.

wealthy people leaves india
Reasons why Millionaire Indians are leaving the country?

competition to settle in Monaco, Mauritius, and Malta.

We now know which nations this wealthy group is favoring. According to the report, the wealthy’s traditional travel destinations, Britain and America, are no longer on their list of top choices. The European Union member states are the preferred choice of these wealthy, the report claims. In addition, the Indian nobles have high opinions of Dubai and Singapore. The report identifies three nations where the wealthy have expressed a particular interest.  They are Malta, Mauritius, and Monaco. Digital entrepreneurs are simultaneously moving to Singapore as their “paradise” because they believe that, in addition to Singapore’s basic family amenities, the legal system is sound. They believe it to be the best location for digital enterprises because there are financial advisors there from all over the world. In addition, the Dubai Golden Visa program is very attractive. As of this year, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has attracted the most (at least 4,000) wealthy people to settle there, according to the Henley Wealth Migration Dashboard. Approximately 3,500 Indian nobles settled in Australia, while another 2,800 Indian nobles settled in Singapore. Furthermore, it is estimated that 2,500 people died in Israel, 2,200 in Switzerland, and 1,500 in the United States.

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By September 2021, over 9 lakh individuals would have left the nation.

In response to a question in the Lok Sabha in December 2021, Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai stated that between January 1, 2015, and September 21, 2021, 8 lakh 81 thousand 254 people gave up their Indian citizenship. According to data from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), there are 1 crore 33 lakh 83 thousand 718 Indians living abroad, according to Rai. Experts predict that, following brain outflow, India’s major concern would be money movement or wealth drain.

This will have an impact on India’s growth. They claim that when the wealthy leave India and move overseas, they will establish industries and make fresh investments. They will provide jobs outside of India as a result of this. This is not encouraging for our economy. However, this is not a major problem for India, as more millionaires are developing in the country. In the next ten years, the number of wealthy individuals in India will rise by 80%. India is home to 2% of all millionaires and 5% of all billionaires around the globe. According to the most recent Haroon Wealth India survey, India has 4.12 lakh crorepatis. Mumbai has the greatest concentration of millionaires in the country. In terms of the number of millionaires, the country’s capital, Delhi, ranks second.

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