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You may also rent a space in Shahrukh Khan’s “Mannat” | Mannat is available for rent.

You may also rent a space in Shahrukh Khan's "Mannat," which is available for rent.

Shahrukh Khan’s “Mannat”

One of the Bollywood celebrities whose lifestyle is often in the headlines is Shahrukh Khan. To see King Khan’s home Mannat, tourists from over the world travel to Mumbai. The area outside his home has a touristy feel on the weekends. His house’s nameplate came up for discussion a few days ago. Imagine how luxurious the home will be given that its cost is said to be in the lakhs of rupees. On social media, there are occasionally peeks of Shahrukh and Gauri’s ideal palace. We’re going to let you know today, the cost to rent a room at Shahrukh’s home.

The house of Bollywood’s King costs more than 200 crores. If you also wish to rent a place in “Mannat” in this case, you could have to use all of your funds to do so. You have all the savings! We are not doing this; Shah Rukh Khan himself disclosed the pricing in the year 2020 during a Twitter Ask SRK session. Many inquiries about his personal and professional life were addressed by Shahrukh during this time.

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During this session, a user inquired, “Sir, how much would it cost to rent a room in Mannat?” Shahrukh responded politely considering the oddity of the question. Shahrukh tweeted, “30 years of hard effort will take,” as his caption. King Khan had said everything in answer to this single line. King Khan’s response also gained a lot of popularity.

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