Jugaad ads of Burger King from Hrithik Roshan through jugaad.

Hrithik Roshan, caught up in Burger King's tricks, and shared the video.

The video goes viral on social media.

Burger Company has named this ad as Jugaad.

As its title suggests, this advertisement lives up to its expectations.

In the video, it's visible that Hrithik Roshan immediately poses for the paparazzi after stepping out of his vanity van. 

The actor in the video does not seem to be aware of this. 

Hrithik Roshan also reacts after watching this video. 

the actor wrote, "It’s not well done.” by Sharing this ad on his Twitter.

Commenting on the Hritik post Burger Company wrote: "Sorry Hrithik, we had no other choice than this."

A company has shown creativity in its ad, after a long time.

This is the reason it's getting viral on social media in a short period of time.