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Tree planting – Best Odia Essay

Tree planting :

Tree planting Odia Essay

Forest festival

The need for green bananas to build a healthy environment is undeniable. Animals and plants are interdependent. Therefore, it is impossible for the animal kingdom to survive without vegetation. Therefore, the Government of India has been conducting a ‘Forest Festival’ every year since 1950 to take care of the trees.

Vegetation is our friend. It provides us with food, fuel, furniture, and home furnishings. Among the forest products are wood, lime, lacquer, honey, various fruits, and medicines. Wildlife also lives in dense forests. So ivory and various animal bones, skin, horns, and various birds are of great benefit to us. Vegetation plays an important role in soil conservation.

In addition, vegetation plays a key role in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and providing enough oxygen. Animals absorb carbon dioxide from the air and prepare their food, and instead, they release oxygen, which makes it impossible for the animal kingdom to survive. Therefore, the contribution of vegetation to the cleanliness of our environment and the enhancement of the beauty of the earth’s surface is universally limited. It protects against natural disasters such as storms and floods. So destroying forest resources means doing yourself a lot of damage. Steps taken by the people and the government to protect this property are called forest festivals and raise public awareness about the benefits of trees.

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