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Sita Rutu – Odia Rachana | Winter Season | Best Odia Essay

In this article, we have provided Winter Season (Sita Rutu) Odia language essay, Odia essay for class 9, Odia essay for class 7, Odia essay for class 8

Winter Season (Sita Rutu)

Winter Season Odia Essay

Polar and temperate regions experience their coldest season in winter (Sita Rutu). From autumn to spring, temperatures are very cold. A hemisphere’s orientation away from the sun causes winter when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is extreme. It varies from culture to culture when winter starts, and some define it based on weather.

As winter arrives in the Northern Hemisphere, summer arrives in the Southern Hemisphere. Snow and cold temperatures accompany winter in many regions. As the season progresses after the solstice, the day lengths increase and the night lengths decrease, with the shortest day and longest night occurring on this day.

In the tropics and tropical regions, the earliest and latest sunset and sunrise dates are dependent on latitude rather than the winter solstice date. Sunrise and sunset times differ due to the planet’s elliptical orbit, which causes solar days to vary throughout the year.

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