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Your favorite book | Best Odia Essay favorite book

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Your Favorite Book

Your Fevorite Book
Your favorite book

Your favorite book

My favorite book is the book “Matira Manisa” by the great writer Kalindi Charan Panigrahi. Our village has become a “man of clay” in terms of tears, blood, labor, time, ideals, and life. What an anonymous village head. The two brothers of that village, Barju, and Chhakadi. Barju is big and small. Sohag pours out all his happiness for the people, for the village, for the society. But the village is devastated by Hari Mishra’s tautari. He takes away the wealth, land, and happiness of the poor Ranki. He shakes hands with the squirrel and builds a wall of separation in Barju’s house. But the embodiment of sacrifice, affection, generosity, forgiveness, Barju silently leaves the house with his wife and little children. With a smile on Harry Mishra’s lips, Sina didn’t really win. What was victorious to see above was his defeat. The character of Barju is eternal, omnipotent, and humble.

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An invaluable experience throughout. Her language is again simple, fluid, soft, soft. Written in a language that everyone understands. Speaking of village life, the novelist seems to have spoken of all the villages in our state. The character of the novel is intriguing. A symbol of patience, self-sacrifice to give peace, joy, and direction to the whole village. In all his sacrifices, Barju has tested all the words of Mahatma Gandhi, the epoch of India, in his life.

How poor, innocent sacrifices are being made in the home of life And sometimes the sacrifices come out of that altar They drink all the poison of the world. Barju is that kind of character. All the smells of the soil of Odisha, all the patience of the Oriya culture, all the weight of the Oriya language, all the beauties of the Oriya public life, the book of the soil “Matira Manisa”, which is made up of my favorite books.

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Your favorite book: Matira Manisha

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