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In this post, we have provided the Best Essay on Your Village in Odia language. This post is basically based on Odia’s essay Your Village, my native village essay.

Your Village

Your Village Odia Essay
Your Village Odia Essay 2

Your Village

The name of our village is Birnarsinghpur. It is only 10/12 miles from the famous Purushottam area. It is at the forefront of the 16th century in Puri. Our village was built under the auspices of the tailed Narasimha Deva, who built the world-famous Konark Temple. To the east and south of it, the Vargabi River flows through Kulukulu Tan. To the east is the temple of Lord Nilakantheshwar.

Nilakantha is the god of Sayambhu Shiva and the awakened deity. To the west of the village are the temples of Loknath and Gopinath. In the east and west, two large ponds, Amritopam, swim in clear water. The village is surrounded by a variety of orchards and ornamental fields of golden crops.

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Village population and way of life: About 300/400 families live in our village. The layout of the houses on both sides, south, and north, gives the perfect identity of the rural chain. The new Jagannath Road stretches in the middle. Most of the people here are engaged in agriculture and are engaged in various trades. Those who do get a job show that they have the upper hand by taking on big government positions.

The most deserving child in our village is Sadashiv Mishra, a renowned economics professor. It is true that he did not survive today, But he is immortalized as the guru of many successful economists in Odisha and India. Our village is the birthplace of playwrights, actors, and novelists. The high traditions, history, agriculture, and customs of our village fill every village with a unique essence.

Festivities and Prosperity: In our village, various festivals such as Dolaparva, Durga Puja, Shivaratri, Gahmapurnami, and Shitalashti are celebrated with great interest and pomp. Of these, the winter solstice is the best. It is celebrated for three days and the villagers are busy celebrating the festival with great joy and excitement. Since it is a Shiva festival, all the villagers are immersed in a divine Shiva consciousness for 7/7 days. The one who does the work thinks that he is doing the same for the village god Nilakantha.

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Education and health care: Vargabi High School is located on the eastern outskirts of our village. It is an ancient high school and students from about 10/12 villages study here. Needless to say, many talented students are children of this institution. You have to go to Puri College for higher education. A health center is located in the eastern part of the village. The Panchayat Samiti is located in the middle of a small bank village.

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